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Basic Account Information

Creating an account with The Printing Impressions Job Site is beneficial in several ways:

  • Post Jobs
    - Job seekers can search, and apply directly to you for your available job opportunities.

  • Save Money - The Printing Impressions Job Site uses a "job posting" system to save you money. If you only have one job opening, you only have to purchase one job posting. If you have many job openings, you may purchase job postings in multiples for a discount. Pricing structure for job postings.

  • With every job posting, posting customers can see:
    1. Applicants resume, short summary and contact information
    2. How many people have looked at their job posting.
    3. How many people have applied to their job.
    4. Where else an applicant has looked once the applicant has applied to their job.
      (all while maintaining the job seekers anonymity.)
  • Option to edit job listings - If an employer would like to edit their job postings, they may purchase a Slot Upgrade. A Slot Upgrade will enable employers to alter, edit, revise, and revamp their posting as often as they like. The cost is $50.00 and the Slot Upgrade is good for the life of the posting.

Search Resumes
- The fastest way to locate the proper candidate.
Resume Search Subscriptions - Ranging from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, Resume Subscription Packages are the most economical and effective methods for employers to post multiple jobs, and gain access to the resume database. Each package offers a number of 60-day job postings, and the ability to search at least 150 resumes. For employers that want to search the resume database, without having to keep track or skimp on their resume views, a resume subscription is the best option available! Save time, and money by purchasing a resume subscription package today!

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